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A Knight Never Yields - header image & link to homepage

Press Kit

        Welcome to the A Knight Never Yields Press page.  Here you should find any info you might need to post articles or get more informed about A Knight Never Yields.  If you need any additional information posted to this page or would like anything else provided, let us know and we’ll make it available.

About the game

        Step into the shoes of an young fearless squire on his quest of becoming a true Knight. There is a hook though - you are slowly going blind and even simplest task is a trial of strong will and unending effort. Prevail!

        A Knight Never Yields is the 3D fantasy platformer where blindness takes the center stage. Each level presents itself with various traps you have to overcome by using skills you learn on your journey. First you pass each level with your vision intact - learn placement of the traps and what you have to do to beat them. Then the real task begin - finish the same level with same traps, same dangers and obstacles. But this time compleletely blinded.

        Use your memory and your hearing - every level has it's own distinct music and rhythm that will guide you and warn you about upcoming dangers. Listen! Focus! Feel the rhythm and win. Become the true knight you are meant to be.

Feature list

  • Finish each level completely blinded
  • Avoid deadly traps posing mortal threat to you
  • Use your hearing, sense of rhythm and visual clues to prevail
  • Learn and unlock 5 different skills to help you thru the game
  • Play 17 handcrafted levels with graduating difficulty


A Knight Never Yields - preparing to jump over spike trap
A Knight Never Yields - preparing for jump across fiery chasm
A Knight Never Yields - This is how blindness look like, nothing but your trusty metronome to help you with rhythm
A Knight Never Yields - traversing endless levels of bottomless dungeon
A Knight Never Yields - health potion is essential for surviving in the dungeon
A Knight Never Yields - ready to loot Metronome cube, essential help for your navigation through darkness
A Knight Never Yields - facing swinging fiery ball of death
A Knight Never Yields - descending into the depths of catacombs


About developer

     NutCracks Studio is an independent company consisting of single developer. So for few next minutes I will talk about myself. I'll try to be as down to earth as possible.

     My name is Petr Ruzicka, a rising game developer rockstar from Czech Republic. Born amidst smoke and salt, I am currently 27 years old with dozens of top quality games under my belt, like The Counting Dead or more critically acclaimed The Counting Dead. Since no company could content with my genius and loud voice, on the bring of 2017 I decided to create a company called NutCracks Studio. A Knight Never Yields is a debut title for this company and is already a massive success, even though almost noone played it yet. 

     My goal is to create a games with consistent quality and financial success to fulfill my life goal - do nothing for the rest of my life.